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Gifts Given & Usergroups Empty Gifts Given & Usergroups

Post by Livdeer on Sat Nov 30, 2019 2:13 pm

This is just a reminder to please keep your "Gifts Given" count updated. I often go through and check to make sure everyone's is accurate and up to date but it can get quite time consuming if I actually have to regularly update everyone's.

Every time you give a gift, add it to your count!

You can do this by going to "My Profile" on the right hand side of the site, in the same section your avatar is in. That will take you to the page to edit your profile, including the section to put in how many gifts you have given. Then scrolling down to the bottom and hitting the save button  Smile

Gifts Given & Usergroups Ss1


Gifts Given & Usergroups Ss2


Gifts Given & Usergroups Ss3


Usergroups...... although last year I usually went and added people to the usergroups myself, some chose to keep track of how many gifts they received and would request to join the appropriate group so I could just accept them into it. Either is fine. If you wanna do it yourself, great, that's quicker, or if you'd rather I just keep track and add you that's ok too.
Everyone will be automatically added to the 0 gifts received group on December 1st.

Questions? PM me  Smile


Also please post on this thread and let everyone know if you're okay with receiving characters during this event or not! ♥

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